Content Updated On : 2022-08-09

Why just after clicking send button you realised there was some mistake ??? 🤔

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Being lazy is not sign of unsuccessful person, being lazy is sign of good programmer.

You can build (n)² stuff.

What's your thoughts on it?

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marriage = true

I'm getting married ❤️

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We really deserve 3 day weekends. You need day 1 to do nothing. Recharge after the work week. You need day 2 for chores. You got shit you gotta get done. We all do. And you need day 3 for fun & joy. Spend it in a way that makes you happy.

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Support Peepal Farm

Note : Put this video here to spread the idea of peepal farm to more and more people. If you want to help peepal farm just buy their product or adopt any animal.